School Hours

  • Office Hours: 7:45 AM – 3:45 PM
  • Student Hours:  8:00 AM – 2:35 PM
  • No Transportation Changes after 2:15 PM
  • No Early Releases after 2:15 PM
  • On Early Dismissal Days, No Early Releases or Transportation Changes 11:00 PM


Regular attendance is necessary to achieve school success.  The William Perry staff works to provide a rich instructional program so that students want to be at school. 

Two of the most important times of the school day are the first thing in the morning when the day’s plan is given and the last thing in the afternoon when the learning activities for the day are summarized.  Individual student attendance data (absences, tardies, and early dismissals) is kept on file in our school office and is used by the school Truancy Officer when school attendance becomes a concern.

If a student is absent due to illness or for other reasons: 

  1. Parents are to telephone the school by 9:00 AM to let the secretary know that their child will not be attending.
  2. Students are to bring a note, written by their parent or a doctor, when returning to school after an absence.
  3. Make-up work may be requested for the day(s) missed by calling the school office no later than 9:00 AM.  Assignments may be picked up in the office between 3:15 and 3:45 PM.

Parent Presence in School

We welcome all family members to come visit or volunteer in our school.  But, when you do, please make an attempt to: 

  1. Refrain from using your cell phone, especially in the vicinity of our students.  If you need to use your phone, please go to a more private area (hallway, outside, etc.)
  2. Please bring HEALTHY food/snacks for your child(ren) to eat.  We try to maintain a healthy eating environment and ask you to help in that initiative.  Cupcakes cannot be brought in for birthdays or other celebrations.
  3. Ask teachers/administration for assistance if you have a poor interaction with any student or staff member.  We want to support you in your visit.
  4. Prior to Volunteering, volunteer packets must be completed and turned in the office at least 3 days prior to the event in question.
  5. Fast-food/restaurant food cannot be eaten in the cafeteria.

Breakfast and Lunches 

  1. Student breakfast costs:  Full Price:  $1.60/day or $8.00/week.  Reduced Price:  $0.30/day or $1.50/week.  Adults:  $2.00/day.
  2. Student lunch costs:  Full Price:  $2.65/day or $13.75/week.  Reduced Price:  $0.40/day or $2.00/week.  Adults:  $3.50/day.
  3. Students can charge one breakfast/lunch.  After that, students must pay for their charge and have their account current or they will receive an alternate lunch.

School Pictures 

  1. Fall Pictures:  These are prepaid
  2. Class Pictures: These are prepaid
  3. Spring Pictures: (More information to come)


Morning Arrival and Dismissal 

  1. The doors open for students at 7:40AM.  This is when staff is on duty and ready to supervise students. If students arrive before this time, they will have to wait out in front of the school until 7:40AM.
  2. Students should arrive between 7:45 and 8:00.
  3. The bell rings at 8:00.
  4. After 8:00, a student is tardy.  Parents must accompany their student into the office to sign them in and make their lunch selection.  Students will be allowed to make lunch choices until 10AM.
  5. If your child’s afternoon transportation changes, please let the classroom teacher know by sending in a note.  If you have to make a change in your child’s transportation after 8:00am, please call the school office (946-4650) before 2:15 pm. It is very difficult for us to release students to parents after 2:15 PM.  After 2:15, please wait out in front of the school building, or in the car pick up loop (out front) to get your child.
  6. Dismissal for car riders will begin at approximately 2:45 PM, after the buses have been released.  While waiting in the loop, please stay in your car and follow instructions given by William Perry staff members.  PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY AND PULL AS FAR UP AS POSSIBLEPlease be respectful of others and for the safety of everyone refrain from passing other vehicles in the car loop.  Please have your car visor sign displayed when you pick up your child.  If someone else is picking up your child please call the school and give them your car visor.  The visor signs will be collected at the end of the school year so it can be reused.


In the afternoons, please avoid picking your child up early as instruction continues until dismissal every day.   We want the best for your children and our goal is to help them grow both academically and socially.  In order to do that, it is important that they attend school every day.


Student Dress

Appropriate student clothing or attire promotes self-esteem, respect, and safety during school activities.  Hats, bandanas, and other head coverings are not to be worn in school, except for special school events.   Any clothing that is considered to be a disruption to the learning environment will not be allowed.  If a student is not dressed appropriately, a parent/guardian will be contacted to bring a change of clothes.  Or, the school will provide a temporary outfit more appropriate for school.


  • School personnel may give prescription medication to students only with a written order from a doctor that is signed by the parent/guardian.  
  • Non-prescription medicines can be given at school by trained personnel (nurse, administrator, secretary) with signed permission from the parent.
  • Students may not carry any prescription or non-prescription medications without permission from the office(Includes Sunscreens)
  • Please contact the nurse with your questions and prescriptions.
  • Medications (unless approved as self carry) and signed medication permission forms must be turned into the school nurse at least 10 days prior to scheduled field trips or field trips can be denied.


Students are responsible for textbooks or paperback books assigned to them by their classroom teachers.  Fines will be charged for the books that are lost or damaged.


Library/Media Center

The library/media center provides resources and services for students, teachers and parents.  Students are encouraged to use library materials responsibly.

1.  All books may be checked out for one week and can be renewed as long as no one else wants the book.

2.  A student must return all books to the library before borrowing any additional books.

3.  A fine will be charged for damaged or lost books.


Field Trips

Teachers may schedule educational field trips throughout the year.  Specific information about field trips will be sent home before each trip.  Students must have parental permission to participate.   Student and chaperone cooperation and appropriate behavior is expected and necessary for participation. 

  • Field trip permission slips and money must be completed and submitted to the teacher 5 school days prior to the field trip date.
  • Chaperones must sign a WPS Chaperone Expectation form before attending the field trip.
  • Chaperones must complete a volunteer application and return it to school 5 school days prior to the field trip.  We want to keep your child safe and 5 days gives the review team time to review the application.  
  • Chaperones are not allowed to follow the field trip buses.
  • Approved chaperones should ride the bus and others who are not approved (such as older/younger siblings, family members or visitors) are not allowed to go on the field trip or travel with the school group

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School Bus Procedures

Student behavior (while waiting for a school bus, on a school bus, or after being discharged from a school bus) must follow the Standards of Conduct given in the Transportation Section of the Waynesboro Public Schools’ Parent/Student Handbook.  Students are expected to ride their assigned buses.  Permission to ride another bus may be granted if a parent sends a written note. If changes of transportation are required, please contact the office before 2:15 PM on the day of the change.


  • If your child is returned to the school 3 times, then he/she will lose his/her bus privilege will be denied for a length of time to be determined by the director of transportation.


William Perry Bus Discipline Plan

 Category #1 Offense:

 Violation of Safety Procedures, Excessive Mischief, Writing, Eating/Drinking/Littering, Rude/Discourteous/Annoying, Unacceptable Language, Pushing/Tripping

  •  1st Offense – Office referral, Warning, Assigned seat, Admin call home, referral home

  • 2nd Offense – Office referral, 1-day bus suspension, Admin call home, referral home

  • 3rd Offense – Office referral, 3-day bus suspension, Admin call home, referral home

  • 4th Offense – Office referral, 5-day bus suspension, Admin call home, referral home

  • 5th + Offense – Office referral, Loss of bus privilege


    Category #2 Offense:

  •  Destruction of property, Fighting, Smoking


1st Offense – Office referral, 3-day bus suspension, Possible school consequences, Admin call home, referral home

2nd Offense – Office referral, 5-day bus suspension, Possible school consequences, Admin call home, referral home

3rd + Offense – Office referral, Loss of bus privilege, Possible school consequences



***These are guidelines. All situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 


William Perry Elementary Homework Policy

Homework is to provide meaningful reinforcement of curriculum objectives and skills taught, and it is a means of providing consistent communication between school and home.

-Homework will be a review of skills taught during classroom instruction, therefore students should be able to complete homework independently.

-Homework will focus on SOLs and the four core subjects: English, Math, Social Studies and Science.

-It is important to complete homework assignments on time because assignments will be followed up in class.

-Reading (orally, silently, or with a parent /family member) each night is essential to student achievement and success.

-Each classroom teacher has an established routine for assigning homework.  If parents have questions, they may contact their child’s teacher.

Approximate Time Spent on Homework per Grade Level

(Times are APPROXIMATE.  If you feel the time your child spends on homework is drastically different than the times listed, please contact your child’s teacher to further discuss the concerns)

Kindergarten            15 minutes

1st    Grade                20 minutes

2nd   Grade                30 minutes

3rd   Grade                40 minutes

4th   Grade                50 minutes

                                 5th   Grade                   1 hour

 Students should be spending “no more than” the times listed above on nightly homework.                                         



These core virtues are taught both by word and deed at William Perry Elementary.  Through the curriculum, through school climate, and through service, students learn good conduct and citizenship.

RESPECT = Treating others the way that you would want to be treated.

RESPONSIBILITY = Doing what you need to do when you are supposed to do it.

THANKFULNESS =Being grateful about what you have! (GRATITUDE)

GIVING = Being willing to share with others without expecting anything back.  (GENEROSITY)


PERSEVERANCE = Not giving up when something is hard.  Keep trying!

CARING = Being kind and helpful to others.  (Empathy/Compassion)

HONESTY & INTEGRITY = Telling the truth and being fair; Doing the right thing even if no one is watching!                                      

SELF CONTROL = Controlling your words, your body, you actions!

COOPERATION = Working together; to help each other; teamwork! (Community Building)


Students often get recognized for demonstrating these and other virtues by receiving Panther Paws.  Ask your child about the program!



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